Mobility Vehicles

Based on the concept of "free movement for all people," we provide Toyota Welcab series in order to supply comfortable and safe cars for physically disabled individuals, the elderly and caregivers.

Auto Access Extending Seat / Power Swing-Out Seat

This is an easy-to-operate front passenger seat to get in and out of the car.

The seat swivels toward the door and go out of the car using the remote or switch button.

It moves up and down for a perfect transfer height.
The seat aims to be as comfortable as the standard model.

A key concept behind the design was to reproduce the look and feel of a regular car.

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Toyota Wish Swing-Out Seat

with Remote


Our disability vehicles are all

  • Fresh imports from Japan

  • Affordable Prices

  • Factory-installed in Japan

  • LVV certified for the safety                                       

      (LVV certification plate by NZTA is affixed to the vehicle.)

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Nissan Serena


2006  127,000km  1990cc

Power Swing-Out Seat


Toyota Passo


2004  23,700km  1290cc

Power Swing-Out Seat


Toyota Vitz


2006  93,230km  1290cc

Power Swing-Out Seat


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